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Series: Corporate Social Responsibility

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Carroll's CSR Pyramid

Carroll's CSR Pyramid

Carroll’s Corporate Social Responsibility Pyramid has long been used as the framework through which to think about a business’ economic, social and environmental responsibilities. In this comprehensive video, students will be guided through...Show More
CSR and Stakeholders

CSR and Stakeholders

With Marks & Spencer providing an invaluable case study of how corporate social responsibility is applied in a real, multi-national context, this video explores the sometimes complex relationship between stakeholders and CSR. Students will gain...Show More

CSR and the Triple Bottom Line

Coined in the early 1990s, the term ‘triple bottom line’ is often used in dialogue around corporate social responsibility to define the three interrelated areas by which modern companies should measure their success: people, planet and...Show More

CSR in Action: Benefits and Limitations

Corporate social responsibility has the potential to create lasting positive changes in the communities with which a business interacts, increase an organisation’s trustworthiness and the fulfilment of their employees. However, CSR comes at a...Show More