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Space Science: Everyday Astronauts

Show Me Science Advanced Series

With the retirement of NASA’s space shuttle fleet in 2011, the role of getting people, satellites and other instruments into space has fallen to private companies. As of June 2011, there have been only 523 people to reach the 100 kilometre mark (considered human spaceflight), and only 24 have travelled beyond low Earth orbit. It is projected that within ten years, the number of people who will have flown into space will increase by about 600 percent due to the increasing market of suborbital spaceflight and the possibility of private citizens utilising space flight. This programme explains suborbital and orbital spaceflight and the requirements necessary for vehicles to achieve these journeys. We go behind the scenes of many of the private companies involved in taking on the tasks to travel to low Earth orbit and beyond and uncover some of the technology used to accomplish these goals.

Rating: E
Production Year: 2010
Duration: 17 min
Series: Show Me Science Advanced Series
Printable Resources: Yes

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