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Hand-Drawn Histories: The Films of Lee Whitmore

While Lee Whitmore has contributed animation sequences to many feature films, shorts and documentaries, it is her body of four short personal works that are her most unique and original work. The four films are linked through the intimate moments of family life that they depict, the memories they record, and the nostalgic mood of yearning they evoke. The four films use a variety of technical styles, but all are united in a free-flowing, loosely drawn style that is Lee Whitmore’s signature. Traces of Jacques Tati and Yasujiro Ozu can be readily identified in her work, but her whimsical humour, and quiet attention to detail and small gestures are distinctly her own. The programme also includes an in-depth interview with lee Whitmore about her work, and a discussion of the making of each short film.

Rating: E
Production Year: 2011
Duration: 2hrs & 07min
Printable Resources: Yes

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