Tertiary Catalogue

The Federation Years (1901-1945)

Australian Migration

For over 200 years, migration has been intrinsic to Australia’s national identity. In the second of three programs for upper primary audiences, the federation and development of Australia between 1901-1945 is shown in an accessible, easy-to-follow way. New laws, such as the Immigration Restriction Act, and the “types” of migrants allowed into Australia are highlighted – helping viewers understand how this affected people’s lives, especially as the country dealt with two world wars. The final two segments look specifically at the migrant experiences of the German and Irish during the period, with a range of archival footage accompanying their first-person stories. This is a detailed and vibrant account of Australia’s struggle for unity during a time of global upheaval.

Rating: E
Production Year: 2012
Duration: 14 min
Series: Australian Migration
Printable Resources: Yes

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