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Maths in the Kitchen: Do You Measure Up?

Is baking basic chemistry? Are ingredients basic biology? And is cooking basic maths? If you can't tell a tsp from a tbsp, you're likely to get a pancake when you wanted a soufflé. Basic maths skills are needed to help you properly prepare a recipe your guests will enjoy, to convert your favourite recipe’s serving size, or to determine the best value when comparison shopping at the grocery store. Join Matt the Mathematical Cook, a fun and lively host who will multiply, divide, measure and whip up a few recipes in the process in Maths in the Kitchen: Do You Measure Up? Divided into 4 chapters for easy viewing with options to view standard or metric measurements, the programme includes: • Overview – how to read a recipe • Measuring and Equivalents – shows how to measure and common equivalents • Conversions – allows students to practice increasing and decreasing recipes • Cost Comparisons – students use price and size to determine what is the best buy

Rating: E
Production Year: 2009
Duration: 43 min
Printable Resources: Yes

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