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Drought in Australia

Natural Hazards

Australia is the driest inhabited continent on the planet. Drought in many parts of this nation is a fact of life. At just about any point in time, somewhere in Australia will be experiencing drought. It poses challenges to many areas of society and the economy, particularly the agricultural sector. This program looks at drought in Australia. Featuring interviews with environmental scientist Dr Terry Walshe, together with vegetable farmer Peter Schreur and Mildura-based farmers Bob McCarthy and Neil Bennett, it explores the nature of drought in Australia, the climatic causes of drought, the environmental, social and economic effects of drought and strategies to manage drought. This is an excellent resource for middle to senior level students of Geography, Environmental and Agricultural Sciences. It is an interesting and informative resource for students of Geography and environmental studies.

Rating: E
Production Year: 2012
Duration: 20 min
Series: Natural Hazards
Printable Resources: Yes

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