Tertiary Catalogue

The Christchurch Earthquake: A Case Study

Natural Hazards

The destructive and unexpected nature of earthquakes has remained a constant threat since civilisation began. Suitable for all secondary audiences, this two-part programme firstly examines the scientific aspects to an earthquake, focusing on the Earth's structure and the changes which take place both before and after a seismic event. The second part is an in-depth case study of the February 2011 earthquake in Christchurch. A devastating event for the city's residents and surrounding landscape, viewers hear firsthand accounts from seismology experts, emergency response leaders, rebuilding and reconstruction co-ordinators, and locals. The impact and response to the quake has changed the lives of many New Zealanders, and although the future remains uncertain the spirit of the people has proven to be inspirational.

Rating: E
Production Year: 2013
Duration: 30 min
Series: Natural Hazards
Printable Resources: Yes

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