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Ausflug in die Berge (Intermediate)

Lingo Ninja Presents: German Language Lessons

Lingo Ninja’s friend from Berlin is coming to visit him in Ebernburg, but she doesn’t know much about the environment! His mission is to teach her a bit about life in nature. In this Interactive Video, intermediate students use complex structures and broad vocabulary to reflect on their interests, as well as practise the language needed to talk about sequential events and follow directions. They will practise their reading, listening and writing skills through activities that will appear on screen, with further opportunity for extension available in the Jetzt, Bist Du Dran! additional resource. Students can rewind and rewatch sections of the clip to help them answer the questions. English subtitles are available for differentiation.

Rating: E
Production Year: 2018
Duration: 17 min
Series: Lingo Ninja Presents: German Language Lessons
Printable Resources: Yes

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