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“I’ve been able to work on ClickView from anywhere, thanks to Library Editor.
It is absolutely fabulous! And the improvements keep coming.”

Mary Crowley, Teacher Librarian

Get Library Editor for your school

What is Library Editor?

Library Editor is a fully hosted, cloud-based alternative to ClickView Publisher. Developed in consultation with over 800 school librarians, Library Editor is available now and comes free with your ClickView subscription. Upgrade today to join more than 1,700 schools who are already enjoying a simplified user experience.

We’ve developed and extensively tested the following Library Editor key functions:

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No need to rely on local servers or Publisher software

curation tool
Powerful curation tool

For librarians and ClickView administrators

Intuitive workflow
Intuitive workflow

For managing video content seamlessly

operating systems
All operating systems

Designed for all schools and operating systems

Anywhere, anytime

Manage your Library from anywhere on any device

Improved search
Improved search

Easily find the right content for teachers and students

Tag creation
Tag creation

Create tags using keywords, topics or subject headings

Real-time sync
Real-time sync

No lag between Library Editor and your Library

How can schools use Library Editor?

Here are just some of the ways our ClickView schools curate their libraries.

To streamline organisation
  • Create folders for specific groups, such as special needs content, SRC, debating and STEM club.
  • Make content easy to find for students. Upload it from your Workspace to your school’s library so it appears in the search results.
  • Library staff can quickly search the custom video library to find teacher resources for lessons, without spending hours digging through books.
For easy resource sharing
  • Your own school library is a secure centralised place to access and share resources internally, across departments and campuses.
  • A professional learning folder provides easy access to internal presentations and staff training resources.
  • Record science experiments and build a library of reactions to share with classes or upload free-to-air foreign language TV content to enhance language classes.
For enhanced communication & connection
  • Maintain connection with parents and the wider school community. Videos added from your Workspace to your library can be shared publicly, such as assemblies, theatre productions or sport carnivals.
  • To communicate to the whole school if you’ve outgrown your assembly space, make a recording and place it in the school library.
  • Record and share presentations from guest speakers for ready access.
For secure archiving & record keeping
  • Preserve recordings of drama and theatre productions.
  • Archive historical school content for school anniversaries, reunions and open days.
  • Keep a record of sporting and swimming carnivals, meets and matches.