Making video learning easy

With different mobile devices, learning platforms and billions of videos available on sharing websites, getting the right video in front of your students can be challenging.

At ClickView we have been focusing on one simple idea: making it easy for teachers to find and share curriculum-relevant videos with their students.

Our BYOD-friendly video platform combined with our Curriculum Libraries will help your school embrace video learning.

ClickView software

New ClickView Curriculum Library
Guide 2015 - 2016

Our new Curriculum Library guide is now available and features over 100 new ClickView Original titles to enhance your lesson plan.

The guide is free so help yourself to some extra copies for your colleagues.

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Why use ClickView in your school?

  • Teachers can quickly find curriculum-relevant videos for their lesson plans using Albert
  • Our videos have been produced by educators to support specific curriculum outcomes
  • Our videos feature additional resources to raise discussion points and engage students
  • With our plugins, add videos to your lesson plan without leaving your Learning Platform
  • With ClickView, students can watch videos at their own pace on any mobile device
  • Our reporting tools allow you to keep an eye on what your students watch and share
  • Join our community of 6,000 educators across New Zealand and access 2,500 shared videos
  • Enjoy a safe learning environment with age group management and SSO authentication
  • Never miss a TV program again as we continuously record 14 free-to-air channels
  • Watch exclusive content produced by our studio in Melbourne and only available on ClickView

Our Integration Partners

Seamless Integration

ClickView integrates with the world's leading software solutions for education. Using our plugins and Single Sign-On, teachers can embed videos and access their ClickView library from within their school's LMS.

Curriculum-mapped content

Our videos have been mapped to the New Zealand Curriculum so Albert, our Curriculum Specialist can help you find highly relevant content using learning areas and achievement objectives.

Native mobile apps

The ClickView app gives you the best browsing experience to explore content in your ClickView library. You can record videos using your mobile device and share them within your school.

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Want to learn more about ClickView?

We would be more than happy to come to your school and show you how your teachers and students can benefit from ClickView.

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