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At ClickView we strive to transform teaching and learning experiences globally. We do this by:

  • Empowering educators with the best of technology; and
  • Enriching the education of future generations through world-leading video content.

We’re proud to support over 4,500 schools, colleges and universities around the world.

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Why Video?
Why Video?

The Evolution of Video

Like all great technology, ClickView is always evolving and improving. Our aim is to provide educators access to high quality and relevant video resources for their lessons.

Video is no longer a passive viewing experience. Interactive videos engage students in active learning, allowing educators to assess students formatively and target their teaching.

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We listen to our customers to produce the right videos

We produce our own ClickView Original Series, with new video series added every month covering all subjects. This ensures you get the most relevant content to engage your students.

Do you have a topic or subject that needs more video resources? The feedback and suggestions from customers influences what we produce next!

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Our Values

Empower Learners
Empower learners

We demonstrate our passion for deeper educational experiences through learning, growing and sharing our knowledge.

Lead the way
Lead the way

We play an integral role in evolving teaching and learning through future-focused innovation, rising to challenges and ensuring that we have the long-term in mind.

People Centred
People centred

People are at the heart of our organisation. We are accountable, and communicate with each other and our customers with honesty and respect.

Play as one team
Play as one team

We work hard, but always make time for fun as we build meaningful relationships, collaborate and share inspiration.

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